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wppi 2010 recap 03.17.2010

Well, even though I still haven't even fully recovered from WPPI 2010, I wanted to share a little recap and thank everyone who helped me have an unforgettable week. Each year I look forward to WPPI as a chance to get inspired, connect, see old friends, meet new ones and basically get pumped up about the upcoming wedding season. This year was no exception. I had a great week... lost my voice again because I talk too much, and I am so excited for the times ahead. It was also great to connect with so many [ b ] Schoolers. I am so thankful for all of the wonderful feedback and even the few pieces of advice and constructive criticism that I received.

Here are a handful of photos that were taken with my point & shoot camera (Panasonic Lumix).

Keats & I actually snuck out to Vegas on Friday instead of Saturday. We wanted to ease into the week before all the craziness began. We had a nice dinner at the Aria and enjoyed a nice date night by ourselves before everyone got there.

On Saturday, I got some poker in and won a small tournament at the Mirage. I didn't get to play a ton of poker, but I did have a profitable trip to the tables. I came in 6th at the big photographers tourney which is the best I ever finished.

Saturday night, about 90 [ b ] Schoolers joined us at Dos Caminos at the Palazzo for an early bird GTG. Super fun time!

Believe it or not, I didn't even get a chance to walk the entire tradeshow. I had so many obligations and commitments that I only saw about a third of it. Over 14,000 people attended this year. It looked amazing and I know Shootsac did well. They sold more bags on the first day of the tradeshow than they did all 3 days last year. They completely sold out of their inventory (at the show and online) and their new bag, the Tote & Shoot looks like it's going to be a hit. Don't worry guys... I have been bugging them to make a "Man [b]ag" and hopefully we'll see that in time for next years WPPI.

Monday night, Keats & I got to have dinner with Tim & Eric from Reddoor. They are our branding and marketing guru's and their soon to be released RED by Reddoor is going to be super awesome for photographers.

Monday night, a few of us [ b ] Schoolers did a night shoot at City Center. More on this will be posted on the [ b ] School blog soon, but check out this shot taken with my point & shoot at the exact second JVS shot with his real camera triggering the off camera flash:

Tues & Weds I did speak at the WHCC booth with my NKOTB style headset. White House Custom Colour has been my lab for the last 4 years and I absolutely love them. Top quality, amazing service and killer prices.

The 10th annual [ b ] party took place on Tuesday night and was super fun! Thanks to all who bought tickets and showed up. We really upgraded the party this year, taking over the Border Grill at Mandalay Bay instead of just having a hotel suite party. All in all, over 500 people showed up. It wouldn't have happened this year without all the hard work of Miss Keats Elliott, Mike Hanline & company from WHCC. I was also stoked that many of you got to meet my folks as they were distributing wristbands that served as tickets.

Finally, my week concluded at Photographers Ignite, which was the closing program for WPPI. 20 different photographers each gave a 5 minute presentation, but not just any 5 minutes, and Ignite presentation is made up of 20 slides, that automatically advance every 15 seconds whether you like it or not. It was crazy! It was the hardest speaking engagement I ever had to prepare for. My topic, "HOW TO PICK UP BRIDESMAIDS... and turn them into clients" went over pretty well. They'll be posting the video soon.

The room was packed.

It was cool sharing the stage with Scott Bourne. (well... we weren't on stage at the same time, but his was also part of Ignite).

We're the 3 best friends that anyone could ever have...

All told, it was a crazy week, and I know my voice will return one of these days. Thanks to everyone who has been tagging me in photos on Facebook and seriously... thank you all so much for your kind words of encouragement and appreciation. Y'all are the best! I'm looking forward to WPPI 2011 as it will be my 15th consecutive year of attendance.

The images from the headshot shoot, as well as the party photo booth from Snapshot Studio and the night shoot will be on the [ b ] School blog shortly. be sure to follow @thebschool for the latest.

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