Gaby Fuentes   Congratulations on the new site ! (02.16.11, 07:52pm)
Catlin Humes   Joining the B school for the second time, I cannot wait to see all of your improvements and make some friends with Can-Do attitudes! (02.09.11, 06:31pm)
ryan   Seriously [ b ], You guys knocked it out of the park with the new school. It's awesome! (02.05.11, 03:25am)
Keats Elliott   those guys aren't kidding -- I've already spent an hour today connecting with photographers I know from WPPI. Suddenly, I'm actually really excited to see my friends -- and this is the first year I have ever been able to say that :) B-school 2.0 is a game changer! (02.02.11, 11:57pm)