Sara Reeve   Your talk at the swpp was so amazing and inspiring - thank you! Can't wait to join the [b] school now!!! xxx (01.23.11, 06:38am)
Helen   Yay for visits to London - shame I couldn't hear you talk, would have been interesting I'm sure. Not sure when you leave, but I hope you enjoy my city while you are here! (01.15.11, 12:58pm)
Jan hill   Great talk today Becker, very informative and full of fun with serious business messages. I'll join your school when it's up and running again. Thanks for the input, you,re a fab speaker even if I can't keep up with the speed of your slides! Fast, fun and thought provoking. (01.12.11, 06:57pm)
Mui Tsun   Thank you for a very inspiring talk today. Enjoy India! (01.12.11, 05:31pm)
roger askew   Just got back home from your session at the SWPP today. I'm not the gushing type, but your talk was the best.. You have so much natural energy and you speak really honestly and freely. Your photos are great too - it's not ALL about the branding. Enjoy the rest of the week here and have a great time in India!! (01.12.11, 04:54pm)
Kirsty-Abu Dhabi   Have a fabulous time - India totally ignites all 5 senses - it's my favourite place in the world to photograph... (01.10.11, 03:20am)
Derek Frenzel   How awesome for you! Have fun in London, and prepare to have your heart changed in India. Our church is working with the Global Freedom initiative there trying to end the caste system and human trafficking going on. It's sad stuff (some of which you'll probably see), but God is big. Stay safe and watch what you eat! :) (01.09.11, 07:09pm)
MelissaFoscardo   What an awesome trip. Have a great time. (01.09.11, 06:36pm)
Katie   Travel safe Becker! I pick my mom up at the airport in London Tuesday, she arrives at noon. Jet lag was a PAIN for me....I've been here a week and am finally adjusted :) (01.09.11, 04:27pm)