yvonne   Some lovely, interesting and rather different photos.. Enjoyed browsing (09.09.10, 07:13am)
steve   very stunning pictures! (08.11.10, 01:02am)
Dennis Yap Photography   Hi Becker, really admire what you have achieved. Hope to meet you some day... (07.14.10, 10:10pm)
Matthew R   I want to shoot in Italy! You're living the dream Becker. (07.11.10, 03:49pm)
John Sharpe   Great shots! On my list of goals, I want to shoot a wedding in Italy in the next five years. Thanks for sharing! (07.06.10, 09:02am)
Jaimie Dee Photography   Beautiful work! And great presentation! Keep it up! :) I especially like the embedded slideshow! Beats scrolling through a lot of pictures and great way to incorporate video as well! (07.02.10, 05:13pm)
Christina Brosnan   OMG OMG OMG! Love it. So jealous. (07.01.10, 03:51am)
Jared Rey   Lucky!! Haha. Wish I could get some nice access like that from the security! (06.29.10, 05:34pm)
[ b ] e c k e r   we were actually let into the sistine chapel before it opened to the public. the head of security told us he'd turn his back if we wanted to take some photos. (06.29.10, 11:27am)
Lesslie   If I haven't ever been to a workshop and I'm not super super pro yet can I still come? (06.29.10, 11:26am)
Carrie K   tisk tisk Becker! Did you take the Sistine Chapel photo to the sound of Italian cops saying "No photo!" ?? We sure did! (06.29.10, 08:05am)
Carol   How's that "No Photography" sign doing in the Sistine Chapel doing :) (06.28.10, 03:33pm)
Darla   wow Becker! you are so blessed to have shot a wedding at the Vatican...what an honor and you are so deserving of it! God bless! Beautiful photos! (06.28.10, 02:30pm)
Maria   Becker - Love your work! Do you use actions or presets on your photos? Or both? (06.28.10, 02:14pm)