Jenn   Personally, I like when you recommend stuff you like and use. You're such a fantastic photographer and do ok at poker (ha!) that I come on here and hope you share some secrets with the world. It wouldn't be a fair market if you didn't. Keep on sharing and if you make some money off it, then virtual high five for that! Don't let the Man get you down. Fight the power (02.12.10, 09:10pm)
Christina   Love it becker... disclosure for idiots... May I borrow it and make it my own...? (01.23.10, 03:27pm)
Blake   The FTC and their stupid rules. You run a business, and having a blog is part of your business. Wouldn't it just be common sense that you are trying to make money on your blog? I don't need a law to help me put 2 and 2 together. (01.15.10, 08:52am)
Lori   Seems like common sense, but most of the world is lacking in this so I have a feeling you are going to have some shocked readers today! haha (01.15.10, 06:47am)
Marc W.   Becker you are a saint! FTC, think we can come up with some pretty RAD acronyms for the Federal Trade Commission? Who wants to give it a try? (01.14.10, 11:19pm)