robert norman   i'm such a sucker for old signage- these are GREAT!!! (09.29.09, 12:42am)
Michael Daniels   Johnson Cleaners also offers "Alterations" - ouch! (09.28.09, 02:18pm)
Maggie Hendrix   So, I'm from Arkansas and yes, ha ha, it is a fun state to poke fun at. HOWEVER, hotsprings isn't exactly the best representation of our state. It is a town rich in history and an incredible place to photograph at, but it is also FULL of quacks! If you want a sampling of what people are really like in the natural state, you're going to have to venture further than Hot Springs... Cool shots Becker! (09.27.09, 11:12pm)
Kristin Hartness   Well, I'm from Arkansas and I think it's hilarious! You found every stereotypical thing that people make fun of when they think of us. Honestly, if you're going to put a grenade on a lawn, you have to expect someone to laugh, or at the very least comment on it. Just sayin'. Now, I've got to git to watchin' some tve. (09.27.09, 10:01pm)
Giovanna   Come on people! I bet our friend Becker could find "fun" like that in any state.....seriously, CA has a boatload of stuff to poke fun at, doesn't it Becker? !!! I get the sense he's just warming up! Love the pecker rhymes with Becker:) (09.27.09, 08:53am)
audrey   Oh MY GOD. Hilarious!!!! I've never seen PLYWOOD over broken car windows. haaaa. And linoleom sidewalks...What was THAT!!!! RUN AWAY, Becker, RUN FAR AWAY. (09.26.09, 02:06am)
Meredith   Great shots, B! I love the "Senior portrait" of Dale! I might just order some wallets of that for our Christmas card! :) I wish the commenters below me knew how to laugh! I thought this post was great! (And I'm an Arkansan!) See ya soon! ~Mere (09.25.09, 04:51pm)
Dale Benfield   Well, now... I love Arkansas. And I love dumb people. That might just be why I live here. ;) Even without the funny (Yes, funny!) comments, we're still a bunch o' dummies round these parts. Thanks for making me laugh today, B. P.S. when did you get so controversial? bahahaha! (09.25.09, 04:13pm)
Alexandra   I love that last shot :) Seems like a very interesting place, I'd love to go. (09.25.09, 02:08am)
[ b ]   tracy, quit being so uptight! seriously... some people do not have a sense of humor. if you can't laugh at yourself folks, you aren't trying hard enough. (09.25.09, 01:25am)
Tracy Kelly   I'm not from Arkansas, but if I were, I might be offended by your commentary. I can see how Cookie would feel that way. By fly-over-state, does that mean that you'd rather not land ??? You're a wonderful, wonderful photographer, but this post really doesn't portray you in the best of light. (09.24.09, 09:25pm)
bobbi   Arkansas is a beautiful state... it really is... ESPECIALLY Hot Springs! FY... I was born there. :) (09.24.09, 06:53pm)
Melissa   I might be mad at you for making fun of my home state...if I weren't laughing so much. (09.24.09, 06:06pm)
Trude   A-ma-zing. Especially Strip Karaoke...only in the South! (09.24.09, 05:55pm)
deb perry   you had me at the '...pecker dirty..' comment....hahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha, I'm such a child. (09.24.09, 04:00pm)
[ b ]   Cookie, I had a great time in arkansas. The people were wonderful and hospitable and I only wish I had time to explore Hot Springs National Park. Unfortunately we just had as hour or so to walk around the hotel. Dale, an Arkansas resident and I had a blast just goofing around and having fun. Please don't be offended... Arkansas is my favorite fly-over-state. (09.24.09, 03:28pm)
Cookie   Wow, I was so disappointed that I didn't get to attend your workshop and meet you while you were in Arkansas. Now I don't know what to think. I feel like you are making fun of our state. I'm sorry you didn't choose to capture the beauty of Hot Springs for your readers. It truly is a beautiful little city. (09.24.09, 02:34pm)
jenn   i take great offense to your friend's tee ;) (09.24.09, 02:15pm)
Shane Thompson   Thats it, I am going to open a club here in OC with strip karaoke and free tve. I'll be rich, its brilliant!!!! Great photos, love the old school color look. (09.24.09, 12:52pm)
Kia Gregory   Can you do more funny commentary blog posts. I just about died. And was that grenade a real metal sculpture? Was it fiberglass? What the hell? (09.24.09, 12:18pm)