Cynthia Q.   Thanks for sharing these and the B&W. I enjoyed seeing your B&A. Great work. (06.23.09, 12:06am)
Amy Clifton   These were great to see--thanks for the post! (06.20.09, 01:39pm)
Paul   Thanks for posting these-it's great to see the before and afters. I purchased the first Boutwell set already and it's hard to imagine working without them. Luv em! (06.19.09, 08:25pm)
Bernadette Chase   Thanks for posting these B!! Love before and afters! Would you mind sharing what you did in the first and second one? Which actions did you use? Thanks!! :) (06.18.09, 08:26am)
John   Thank you for sharing the before and afters. Looks like 90% of what you are doing is setting the white balance, doing levels work (ie, setting a black and white point / adjusting exposure), and adding a slight vignette. The other 10% is minor facial retouching. (06.18.09, 06:11am)
Margo   These are so interesting. I especially liked the one where you removed the bags from under the groom's eyes - I switched between before & after a good ten or twelve times on that one! (06.17.09, 01:53pm)
Martin Crombie   Love ithe 8th one down of the bride pinching his bum, nice seperation between subject & background. (06.16.09, 04:31pm)
[ b ]   evonne, i've never used elements, but i am certain it'll do the trick for amateurs. (06.16.09, 11:30am)
Jonathan Brown   Love your before and afters. It is fascinating to me to see how other photographers work and think. I never copy anyone else but I get some great ideas from posts like this. Thanks again!! (06.16.09, 07:35am)
Events by Evonne   Will Photoshop Elements be good enough for an amateur photographer? (06.16.09, 04:03am)
Christa   Love these before & afters :) Also like the little chat about offering high resolution DVD''s such a taboo topic for some photographers. Thanks for sharing your two cents worth (06.15.09, 07:51am)
Virgil   Thanks for the examples, Becker. I think some people that are new to photography may get frustrated when they see a pro's images. Your 'before' shots are what most photogs are going to see straight out of the camera. Your 'after' shots show what's possible with moderate tweaking. The best Photoshopping, like what you're doing, is almost undetectable until you actually see the original image. Then it's just done to enhance, not overwhelm. (06.15.09, 12:58am)
Alex Canada   Very nice, how do you do it?!?! :) (06.15.09, 12:35am)
Leah   I would also love to hear more about HOW you processed each of these images to get the final look. Thanks so much for sharing Becker. It helps so much. (06.14.09, 06:39pm)
Mark   Thanks for sharing some "before and after" stuff, Chris. It's really nice to see the originals as so many photographers don't show them. (06.14.09, 03:27am)
Dale Benfield   Nice b/a's! Particularly the night/street shot - that's a tough one to get color just right! The laughing one *warmed* my insides up (see what I did there?!) (06.13.09, 10:40pm)
Nathan Gehman   Loved the B&W and the color before and afters. Any chance of adding the processing information like with the B&W? (06.13.09, 07:07pm)
Oliphant   sweet... (06.13.09, 04:59pm)
Adam   I always love before and afters. Helps to re-assure that I am doing something right as my before's look exactly the same. And I like to see the after as it gives inspiration to finishing the image and giving that professional touch! Thanks! PS. I was one of the guys at your Burlington Ontario [b] one day workshop! :) (06.13.09, 03:21pm)
Michael Rowley   Becker, you've always done an excellent job with your edits. Your portraits stand out from others in the industry because they do have strong style and feel; they nearly always appear natural and untouched. Keep workin' your magic! (06.13.09, 01:04pm)
Shane LaFever   Nice clean work. (06.13.09, 12:35pm)