Christopher Lin   Great stuff! Your creativity goes beyond the camera and shows in the way you display your images on your site. Keep up the good work bro! (06.24.09, 12:12am)
kim james   i love u B !!! you are the coolest to keep the sharing going! Really... (06.15.09, 12:48pm)
Cathy Crawley   OMG I just had a seizure looking at that last photo! ;) (06.15.09, 09:02am)
Greg   Awesome write up, I always wondered what other photogs used to get their own blend of b+w images.. (06.12.09, 12:39am)
Chris Enzaldo   Jump Jump! (06.11.09, 11:16pm)
Amelia Thornton   dance AND talented...thanks Becker :) (06.11.09, 10:51pm)
trent   Dude: Let me introduce you to a little thing called onMouseOver. Animated Gifs are so 1999.... (06.11.09, 09:33pm)
lin - pet photographer   Love your sepia photographs. You're such a riot (referring to the last photo). (06.11.09, 08:24pm)
Kathleen Trenske   I love these kinds of posts and you totally kicked it up a notch with your fancy schmazy delays. Awesome! That last one is totally messing with my head. (06.11.09, 07:36pm)
Gina   Beautiful job, Becker. Love how you gave us before and after visuals. Very impressive. (06.11.09, 07:22pm)
The Knoxville Photographer   Are you shooting BW SOOC? As always nice images. Thanks for sharing! Steven (06.11.09, 07:05pm)
Larry Reeves   Love these Becker! I always enjoy a good "before and after" session! Thanks, man! (06.11.09, 06:53pm)
Stacy Hughes   Love the before & afters, especially the dance party one. Great job! Beautiful images, (06.11.09, 06:53pm)