faith   I love these. you capture such honest beautiful moments. (10.01.09, 02:37am)
Denise Jones   I love your blog and how you share your talents. I have to say the shot of the groom when he first saw his bride is one that captured it all! I actually had tears in my eyes and chills! Perfect. Don't you LOVE it when you just snap a shot and you know it is perfect .... Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year! (12.31.08, 11:22am)
Anissa @ Hope4Peyton   Oh, I would dump my husband so that I could get remarried and have you take beautiful pictures for me! They are that gorgeous and you have such a talent for capturing those sweet, natural moments. --Hope4Peyton (07.07.08, 11:56am)
Mark   Very cool shots. Interesting to see the ones you've chosen. Also interesting that most of them are not colour images. (05.26.08, 05:16pm)
joyful weddings and evets   So fun to see your favorites from over the years! The last one is hilarious- I definitely thought he was naked too! And the one with the cake falling over- that is a total nightmare of mine! Funny in retrospect though. (04.26.08, 11:05am)
The Actual Joey Himself   Yea...bikini waxed big foot is a classic (04.25.08, 12:05pm)
ronnie   it's fun to see your favorite photos and the story behind it...gotta love the job! (04.24.08, 10:44pm)
Denise   great post - I really like reading the captions as well - WHY you liked those photos - the one of the groom first seeing his bride actually brought tears to my eyes - I also liked the one of the little boy - these were all wonderful! :) (04.24.08, 08:23pm)
meegs   I've told you this before, but that Vatican shot is what inspired me to be a wedding photog. I will forever be indebted to you for that one. (04.24.08, 04:19pm)
Shelley   What a beautiful set of images! I loved that you posted them ..sigh That last picture is one of my favs but I thought he was nude!!! I didn't notice the speedo until you mentioned it! haha (04.24.08, 03:35pm)
Erika   You are so cool Becker. :) I love every single one of them - especially the cake mess - it makes me laugh every time I look at it! (04.24.08, 11:20am)
Susie   There are so many great images- seriously, how did you narrow them down?? Love the one of Boo and Stacy- what a beautiful shot- but they are beautiful people -- is that a pre-req in your contract, like hey, I'm [b] and I only shoot you if you're drop dead gorgeous?? Okay, kidding. (04.24.08, 10:35am)
Miz Booshay   Oh Becker, I have tears in my eyes. I love the emotional groom. And your words about your sister..too sweet. Do talented, so inspirational! (04.24.08, 09:43am)
Donna   HILARIOUS!!!! For as long as I've looked at the last photo, my rotten little mind thought the dude was naked. In sepia, the speedo disappeared. Now I see it. Yup. I'm so proud of myself. (04.24.08, 07:30am)
shane   1. these are great and the Casa Del Mar is a great hotel. 2. what do we have to do to see those skinny dipping photos. 3. your sister is hot. (04.24.08, 12:07am)
Matthew Saville   Ahhh, I love that my all-time favorite shot of yours is one of your own all-time favorites- The one of the groom whispering to his bride during the prayers. That shot is just... bliss... I have it as my desktop wallpaper a LOT. People think I'm nuts (or cheating) for having some other wedding photographer's image as my desktop wallpaper, but I don't care. The photo just rocks... =Matt= (04.23.08, 11:37pm)
Ann Hamilton   Great shots! I can't pick my favorite because I love them all! Thanks for sharing. (04.23.08, 10:24pm)
erin.   I loved all the images from your trip down memory lane. What wonderful moments you captured! :) (04.23.08, 09:13pm)
rustin cerveny   Amazing work! Thank you for sharing a little about each image and what it means to you. (04.23.08, 06:42pm)
enoch   Beautiful ... love love love your work. (04.23.08, 04:14pm)
Jules Bianchi   how fun!! Thanks for sharing, b. (04.23.08, 04:07pm)
Melissa Koehler   Thanks for sharing those [b]!!! My fav is the last one. Not because of the guy in the speedo...but because it is so unplanned. Love it! (04.23.08, 03:33pm)
Gene Higa   love the cake shot. [b] helpful. LOL. (04.23.08, 02:46pm)
Amanda Auer   Becker, I truly LOVE these! Thanks for sharing your momentary faves with us! You should do this once a year! (04.23.08, 02:37pm)
Stephanie   I always thought that guy was naked too!! Though I don't think the flesh-colored speedo is much better than full on nudity :) haha. I loooooove #6, the blurry colorful one, I think that may be my all time favorite of yours. I love that in the older scanned ones they have the same feel as your current work -- even though you've improved over the years you're still you!! That's really fantastic. (04.23.08, 02:06pm)
ashley bartoletti   great post! the cake shot is awesome, love how everyone reacted with such good humor (04.23.08, 01:59pm)
Brandy   Love them all, but that shot of the groom seeing the bride literally brought me to tears. Magic. (04.23.08, 01:56pm)
Matt Dorroh   What a group of truly amazing pics and such an inspiration! (04.23.08, 01:28pm)
margot   Put more favorites up!!! I could look at your pictures over and over and over!!!!!!!!! (04.23.08, 12:50pm)
Orbie Pullen   Great stuff [b]! I like the one in the cab after the wedding at the vatican. I love those kind of shots were you just capture that moment and it only takes one shot and your not expecting it. (04.23.08, 12:45pm)
kymberli q.   "I have shot more stunning brides than anyone I know." I can't believe you said that on your blog, but that's what makes me laugh out loud sometimes when I come here - you're crazy! There are some GREAT images here - I absolutely love 5 and 15! (04.23.08, 11:53am)
wale   i just want one day to hang out while you shoot. i don't even have to assist. i can carry your snacks or something. your shots are incredible. these were super inspirational. thanks for sharing. please consider my offer ;-) (04.23.08, 11:03am)
Kyle   I sent to a friend :) They are having a spring 09 wedding in Tempe AZ so maybe you can shoot the wedding AND catch some Angels spring training! (04.23.08, 10:37am)
Melissa McClure   Awesome trip down memory lane [b]! I enjoyed that, thanks! (04.23.08, 10:33am)
Simply Modern Weddings   I love all the special moments that you caught...simply beautiful! (04.23.08, 10:22am)
Linda   It's funny if you think about it... weddings are really the same in so many ways -- the same plot, the same action and the same roles, and yet each one is so unique. I can totally see that in this series. I can also tell that you totally love what you do [b]ecker! (04.23.08, 10:21am)
Keats   What a fun romp down memory lane with you -- I love knowing what you love, or what it felt like, or what caught your eye about these images. These are real people and real moments and they are Beautiful!!!!! (04.23.08, 10:16am)
Tracey   I love seeing that your work has been consistently amazing for over a decade. (04.23.08, 10:11am)
Mary   What sweet words by the brother of the bride. I'm sure as a Mom of two she is especially thankful for them! I love that you chose her from all the pictures you have taken. (04.23.08, 09:52am)
ricki ford   I like the cake shot did it end up falling? (04.23.08, 09:24am)
Danielle Stolman   Becker, Wow. beautiful work. You know it's funny, with the last one, I'd always thought the guy going al naturel (guess I never looked hard enough to see he was wearing a suit), that's one of my favorites from you anyhow. ;) D (04.23.08, 09:17am)
jessica claire   PERFECT. (04.23.08, 08:31am)
helen   my kind of pics. i'd recommend you any time to my friends on your side of the globe and choose you to document the important day. (04.23.08, 07:28am)
Linda Truong   I dont think i've ever commented, but these photos really made me choke back the tears... They are so emotive... So powerful... Stunning.. I love your work! (04.23.08, 04:47am)
Jo Pearce   Inspiring as ever Prof [b] x (04.23.08, 04:28am)