Jody Gray   aw snap! Us three look so good together ;o) (03.10.11, 07:17pm)
Mikkel   Can't wait for B School Prom 2012! Thanks for contributing hugely to my amazement from first WPPI! (03.08.11, 06:25pm)
Emily Carroll   waaaaaaaa! I couldn't go!!!! And it was the year to miss Becker Jr.? Summertime (03.07.11, 08:46pm)
Ricki Ford   I didn't get to go to wppi this year so thanks for posting these! (03.07.11, 11:09am)
Emily Heizer Photography   Thank you for the avatar shot Becker and THANK YOU for picking my super teeny tiny Moo mini business card during your platform and giving me the SHOOTSAC! WOOT! WOOT! You rock! :D You gave me a present, so you're officially my favorite. Okay, well, you're tied with Jess because really, it's from both of you. I fall at your feet in free gift worship. LOL (03.04.11, 04:03am)
ELIZABETH K.   Thanks for the avatar shoot [b]ecker, and the great party! I'm loving the [b] school so far! (03.03.11, 11:55pm)
Brooke   Becker you do the same thing I do in pictures... bite your tongue in the front of your teeth. I don't know why I do it, it drives me crazy when I see myself doing it! ;) It looks like WPPI was super fun, I really wish I could have been there. But I'm in bSchool now, and excited to move forward! :) (03.03.11, 10:36am)
Kenny Kim   Good times bro. Good hanging out with you as well. (03.02.11, 11:47pm)   Bro... you and Keats look fab. You almost look younger than me... and I thought I was the only Boy Scout young gun on the block! Thanks for your nice little VM the other day. I enjoyed listened to the J* interview. Missed WPPI this year on purpose, but won't miss BM. Loved the new T-Shirt!!! Gotta get me one. (03.02.11, 11:42pm)
Jared Wanzer   B School party rocked. Your class kicked! Photo Ignite great job! (03.02.11, 10:51pm)
Leslie W.   Hey, there's MeRa and Brian! That made my day! (03.02.11, 07:24pm)
Eric Farewell   Great to see you as always brother... Thanks for keeping things lively :) (03.02.11, 06:08pm)
Suzanne   Looking forward to seeing you at the 2012 [b] school party! (03.02.11, 06:01pm)